February 2012

Remember this handsome hound from back when Klint Davies was our featured art director on 5+?

Forgot about Bill did ya? I know, what a stallion.

Sit back readers because today the blogs’ gone to the dogs thanks to the tantric-like photogasm of Tom Feiler and his series of portraits titled Famous Creative Dogs Amongst Us. As the title hints, the feature from Seriously Feiler is a series of portraits starring the better halves of some respected local art directors. Here’s a few more shots from Tom’s time spent with Klint’s boy Bill.

Mr. Feiler‘s first brush with a creative pooch came back in the fall when he went tête-à-tête with a righteous, yet fair-minded gentleman by the name of Ludwig Von Beagle. Take a peek.

Bringing it home (for now) in the lineup of canine commercial creators featured by Feiler, is a hip hop super-cocoLab by the name of Lupe. Lookin’ so fresh and so clean in these following images.

All Images © Tom Feiler

Now go hit up Seriously Feiler for a deeper look into the dark and doggy mind of Tom, or scroll up and click on any one of above images to get some further insights on these Famous Creative Dogs Amongst Us.

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    TGIW | When the Sun Don’t Shine

    by Caitlin on February 8, 2012

    As Shelley is soakin’ up the sun down in Mexico, I’m up here trying to remain inspired. As many of you can relate, January and February can be the longest and darkest months. Although you could consider this weather balmy, there’s still that something that makes these month the toughest.

    Image © Nikki Ormerod

    Working with 14 Photographers can pose a challenge as well, I’m always there to motivate and encourage, and if I’m having the blues, they’re feeling it!In order to keep the fire roaring, I spend some of my time each day surfing the net for cool or exciting stuff. Anything that may give me a chuckle or offer some inspiration, I find super helpful to keep at ‘er!

    So, for this weeks TGIW, I figured I’d share a few of my favs! Now, I’m sure you’ve seen many/ most/ all, but hey! Why not watch check it out one more time!?!

    1| Warholian
    I came across this Facebook group about a week ago and as soon as I clicked “LIKE” , I was hooked! They’re an online magazine as well, but I’ve been finding much inspiration and “WOW” just from their Facebook page. It’s a daily feel into what’s currently hot in the world of contemporary art. And anyone who names affiliates with the late Andy Warhol, is a friend of mine! CHECK IT OUT!

    2| Mocked “How To Pronounce” Videos on YouTube
    Nikki O and I have become OBSESSED with with these videos as of late. You’re have a shitty day, just take 5, okay maybe 10, minutes and laugh your ass off! These are DEFINITELY day changers! Here’s a few of our favs!

    See More: Zach GalifianakisHamburger

    3| Pinterest
    Need I say more! I’ve been a member of this site for months now, but recently I’ve noticed everyone is getting hooked! Who knew virtual scrap-booking would become a major source of inspiration?!? If you still haven’t checked it out, I highly recco this one!

    4| Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling

    Happy Wednesday!


      IN PRINT | King Barnes

      by Westside on February 8, 2012

      Just a little visual stimulus for ya’s while you wait for TGIW to rear its head.

      Mr. B shot the promo work for the upcoming season of Showcase’s cop drama King. Here’s a peek at one of the images in final layout, you’ll have to head over to Matt’s blog for more on his passing shot.

      Image © Matt Barnes

      As previously stated, stay tuned kids.


        IN PRINT | Malek Takes It To The Bank

        by Westside on February 7, 2012

        Haven’t seen much of our fabulous frenchman round the studio these days. Seems like every time I had spoken with him back in December the words ‘really busy right now’ were guaranteed to be heard. Now I know why that is, and Monsieur Malek is here to tell you all about his wild wrap to 2011.

        December was crazy. In addition to all the typical holiday hustle, I had just moved into my new place in Montréal, and was set to shoot 3 campaigns for 3 different purposes for National Bank of Canada. That sentence pretty well sums up the busyness that laid ahead. This first image is for RRSPs.

        In total there were 7 different shots, 6 of them happening on location, all of them happening within ONE month! Knowing we were on a limited schedule we immediately had to get on securing our locations, followed by figuring out how to manage a massive casting for 19 talent – we met A LOT of people in a very short time haha. These next 3 shots are for NBC‘s new mobile banking app.

        At the end of it all, despite all the distractions, the project wrapped up nicely and the images can now be seen all over Montreal. A big thanks to the team at BOS and to my art directors Miriam Rondeau and Sébastien Deland. These final images are part of NBC’s Image campaign.

        All Images © Malek

        Large thanks to Jean for sharing his crazy month!


          PHOTOGASM | Les Calavera Catrinas por Nikki Ormerod

          by Westside on February 3, 2012

          Way back in February 1997, The Offspring released their fourth studio album Ixnay on the Hombre. Being the angst-y teenager that I was, this was a pretty big deal, however; upon my purchase of the CD I discovered that the even bigger deal was all the awesome skeleton artwork that dawned the album jacket. It took a bit of time, but through the magic of dialup internet I was properly introduced to José Guadalupe Posada, the illustrator behind what has become one of the Día de Muertos’ greatest artistic inspirations, La Calavera Catrina.

          José Guadalupe Posada's 1910 zinc etching titled 'La Calavera Catrina'

          It is with this drawing in mind that I present to you Miss Nikki Ormerod‘s latest creative work, titled Dia de Muertos, in which Nikki channels her inner José and provides us with both stunning images, as well as a modern perspective on a classic figure.

          Images © Nikki Ormerod

          There are many more images to the series over on Nikki’s blog, so check out these behind the scenes (courtesy of assistant Thomas Dagg) then click that button.

          Click that blog, ya hear?!

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            5+ | Jorgen Stovne

            by Caitlin on February 2, 2012

            Seeing as Parliament Hill just headed back to work this week, we thought we’d get back to 5+!

            We’re hitting the ground running this year with our first installment of 2012 from our lovely friend, Jorgen Stovne. Jorgen has been a client of ours from his early days at DDB and we have many opportunities to work on great projects together.


            Jorgen © Chris Gordaneer

            Norwegian Nature
            My parents took me on my first ski trip when I was three. The following decade was spent in a continuous whine as I complained my way through every hike they made me go on. There was always another mountain to climb, or a forgotten cottage to go to. Not until I grew up did I realise how much I loved hiking. And it wasn’t until I moved to Toronto that I understood how lucky I was to have such gorgeous landscapes on my doorstep. Hiking to me is what reformatting is to a computer; it reorganizes content and makes the brain work faster. Though I’ve tried some trips here in Ontario, I find myself longing for the midnight sun and endless horizons I’ve come to love back home.

            The TTC
            In the absence of proper fjords and unexplored wilderness where I could reformat my brain, I found a great backup: the city’s public transit system. The trek between Kipling and Bloor/Yonge always seems to cleanse my mind, and allows me to distill the problem of most creative challenges. Maybe it’s the lull of the train that puts my brain into the right frame of mind. It’s like being in a really boring lecture in school when your brain suddenly yells: “I feel like being creative. Please start doodling!”

            Film Scores
            Film music is written to create a mood and an atmosphere. With no distracting lyrics, they put you in the right mood for whatever inspiration you need. Losing myself in a score is probably one of my oldest forms of inspiration and it’s a source that keeps growing with every new movie released.

            Tip: Grooveshark is an amazing (and legal) site for listening to music for free. I often make different playlists using different movie soundtracks for different moods. Let me recommend “The Fountain” by Clint Mansell, or the score to “Inception”. My secret listening pleasure right now is actually the track “Test Drive” from “How to Train Your Dragon”. Sure, that probably puts me at the mental level of a 10-year-old. But it’s a very happy 10-year-old!

            Old-Fashioned Games
            Gaming, to me, is almost a way of life. I’ve never been good at video gaming, but playing anything that requires rolling a dice always gets me excited. And if I can somehow pour some creative thinking into the game, I’m sold. As a teenager, I would sit for days constructing elaborate plots for my role-playing group of friends. I would draw the maps, prepare a playlist as the night’s “soundtrack”, rehearse the voices of different characters, calculate the game mechanisms against the group’s strength, consider if the mood of the plot would fit with the composition of the group’s personalities and interests…Yes, I was Norway’s answer to Steve Urkel.

            Comic Books
            Superheroes were never a big hit in Norway. Maybe due to some poorly-translated names. “Batman” was named “The Lightning Wing”, for example. The fact that he was wearing a bat costume was just a sidenote. Instead, we had Franco-Belgian comics and everything in between. These would appear once every two or three years, and thus had a really high quality to them. They were works of art and it always fascinated me how the author and artist worked together to present their story in the best possible way. I feel like I’m learning or noticing something new every time I read one. My all-time favourite must be the Danish comic Valhalla by Peter Madsen. It’s a loose re-telling of Norse mythology, spanning fifteen issues. It took thirty years to complete. Much like my latest advertising campaign.


              TGIW | CopyFight

              by Westside on February 1, 2012

              They say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, but let’s be honest, a fury of hell can burn deep when the imitation is of your art, sweat and tears.

              A serge of disbelief can wave over your being until the anger boils into a “Holy shit, I’ve been ripped!” squeal. Then what? What are our rights as artists and how do we prove the idea was all ours?

              In a world where we are all connected via the WWW it’s inevitable that our influences will sometimes, if not most of the time be the same. As artists, specifically photographers, we share the same tools and have very similar mentors. So isn’t it simple probability that two different photographers could shoot almost the same image, at the same time without being aware of it?

              That being said, unfortunately there are shooters out there who are aware of this, and still mimic the art of others on purpose. An interesting case was recently featured on this exact topic. Read here. The verdict is very interesting.

              Justin Fielder's copyright in his image (left) was deemed to have been infringed by Nick Houghton's image (right).

              As photographers, what do you feel our (and your) rights should be when we find ourselves in a copyFight?


              **Interesting Addition** Just came across this little blurb regarding the photo release form of a monstrously famous pop star – give it a read.

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