February 2012

TGIW | All About the Benjamin’s

by Westside on February 29, 2012

Hey readers, Shelley’s a tad busy today so I thought I would take some work off her plate and take care of todays TGIW. Let’s get going because I’ve got what I hope is an interesting read for ya’s.

This week marks the launch of the new Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMA, and in keeping with all things Sherman, fine art auction house Sotheby’s has an 8x10in print from the conceptual artist playing the lead in their upcoming Contemporary Art auction. What really caught my eye about the sale was when I saw the the press release‘s house estimates. I took a screen cap of the cover and increased the figures for dramatic effect, here’s a look.

Estimated selling price at $150/200K, but wait, NYC’s Levin Art Group director Todd Levin thinks the image is likely to see the $600/800K range with buyers premium! These higher figures aren’t a huge surprise considering Sherman’s work accumulated a whopping $13.7M at auction last year alone, but when you consider the print size, this one’s a bit of a game changer.

Last years $4.3M print from Andreas Gursky was a beast at 11.6 feet wide, and even Sherman’s own Untitled #96, which sold at Christies earlier in the year for $3.9M, was a “life-sized” 4 feet wide. Even if the bids on this dwarf print don’t explode past Levin’s estimates in a 1%’ers cock fight, at it’s size this image could end up one of the most expensive photographs sold.

This brings us to my question (finally I know). Is fine art photography now playing in the minor league’s, working it’s way up to the majors where painting has been for so many years? Perhaps it’s just that the auction house writers are putting in longer hours on their catalogue notes. Either way it’ll be interesting to see where the hammer falls on lot 78.

**Update – If you click the link on ‘lot 78′ you can see the final sale notes.**
Untitled Images © Cindy Sherman | Rhein II © Andreas Gursky

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    IN PRINT | Planet Shapton Invades Canada!

    by Westside on February 27, 2012

    Back in August things around the studio were pretty quiet, having sent 5 of our guys off to work on locations ’round the world. Derek Shapton was one of those picture makers and to kick start your Monday here’s Mr Shapton himself.

    Sometimes a job comes along that pushes all the right buttons. I like travel, and available light, shooting loose and limber and lots. I like trying new things and meeting new people. I like unexpected situations and improvising and playing and just seeing what happens. If I can get paid at the same time, all the better.

    Derek’s mission from DDB Vancouver? Create a gallery of images for Canada Tourism documenting a group of friends traveling across this beautiful country of ours, maintaining a ‘snap-shot’ look throughout. Now let’s end the words and look at this cluster of images.

    The collection of images are now viewable in the Australian section of Canada Tourism’s website, and you can get a much more detailed version of the trip over on Planet Shapton (Derek’s highly informative, and regularly updated blog).

    All Images © Derek Shapton


      IN PRINT | Lam & Lobster: A Lovely Combination

      by Westside on February 24, 2012

      It’s a touch late, but we’re still riding out February so why dont we take a look at Vicky Lam‘s recent cover for the Valentines Day issue of Globe Style. Come on, what says Cupid’s day more than lobster?

      Photographer: Vicky Lam
      Client: Globe Style
      Art Direction: Kate LaRue
      Photo Editor: Clare Jordan
      Food styling: Linsey Bell/Judy Inc.

      From Vicky:

      Big thanks to Globe Style for the great opportunity! Special thanks to assistants Alex Lukey and Alex Beetham. And of course, to ‘Louis’ our lobster. His understudies were very tasty!

      Here’s a look at two shots that didn’t make the cut.

      Vicky wasn’t lying when she said Louis’ friends were tasty.

      All Images © Vicky Lam


        TGIW | Banned to the Bone

        by Westside on February 22, 2012

        Yes, it’s true, sex sells, but can an advertisement be too sexy? Readers, I’m sure some of you out there can’t fathom this “too sexy” notion, but apparently the British Authorities are all over it. Recently, they banned a hot and steamy ad for Ryanair, a discount airline that was promoting their Red Hot Fares with a Red Hot Mama dressed in Lingerie.

        After numerous complaints, and an online petition filed by one of their employees, Ryanair was forced to take down their ads.

        Did the advertising work despite the removal? Yes, of course. I don’t think I would have even heard of this airline without the controversy. Am I offended by this ad? That’s a tough one. So tough in fact, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        Reader, do you think this ad is banned to the bone?


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          Who’s this surly band of greasers comin’ down the alley?

          Well unless you’re a soc, fear not dear reader, these boys are friendlies.

          Rollin’ with Matt Barnes, these poor boys from Young Theatre Players were in need of some promo images for their upcoming production of The Outsiders and Mr Barnes was happy to oblige. Here’s a look at the shoot as presented by the fine gent’s at Spot Cinema.

          After their time in the studio the air was thick with machismo. Matt could tell Dallas was gettin’ antsy for a rumble so he geared the gang up with some tools and the grease hit the street. The fresh air seemed to cool some heads and allowed Matt the chance capture some great pictures of the posse.

          For a closer look at the grease an’ all its glory go hit up Matt’s Blog.
          All Images © Matt Barnes
          Video © Spot Cinema


            NEWS | Tom Feiler Portfolio Update

            by Westside on February 17, 2012

            A righteous rejuvenation of the Tom Feiler portfolio persuasion occurred over on WestsideStudio.com yesterday as Mr Feiler debuted his new kid-centric gallery! Here’s some selects for you to digest.

            Click away to see more from Mr Feiler, and hey! Don’t forget to smile, it’s Friday don’t yaano?!
            All Images © Tom Feiler


              Nikki’s shots from earlier got your motor running did they? Well hold tight ladies and gents, because Mr Barnes is rounding out our Thursday by dropping off a hot load of sexy to get ya’ll excited for upcoming long weekend.

              Some of you may be familiar with the above image, as it’s from a recent post by Matt about his 1st assistant Spenser and how wickedly awesome he is. What you might not be familiar with is why the image occurred in the first place. As the post, titled appropriately The Assistant will show you, one of Spencer’s fortes is helping Master durring pre-light. This particular shot was for one of Matt’s Harlequin cover’s as seen below.

              Go hit up the Blog of Barnes for more info on both, The Man Meat and The Ass.


                5+ | Oliver Brooks

                by Westside on February 16, 2012

                Happy Thursday!

                This week we’re featuring our friend Oliver Brooks from CP+B. Nikki O had the opportunity to photograph Oliver and we were lucky to have a warm winters day. Having never met before, I think they hit it off wonderfully! A few Bob Dylan references later and we were done!

                Oliver © Nikki Ormerod

                Reading Bukowski is like eating a cheese sandwich, it’s simple, straight and to the point. There’s no bullshit about a cheese sandwich, and I really like cheese sandwiches.

                I grew up in a small town so my childhood was pretty nice and quiet. I usually did stuff off on my own, which was a good thing, because now I can easily entertain myself. Being able to investigate forests or build little forts in trees made me very happy. I guess my independence came out of that ability to just go off and explore on my own. Oh ya, and by small town, I mean like, one thousand people lived there and half were very old.

                Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hats
                They are neat.

                I love Hinterland Who’s Who, but more importantly, I love the theme song from Hinterland Who’s Who.
                But really, I mean, how could one not be inspired by their surroundings when they simply are wonderful.
                And by wonderful, I am talking about the open fields and little creatures found in the country. You also cannot forget about the noises you hear at night when you are trying to sleep, those in themselves are inspiring to the imagination.

                Joy Division
                I tried writing this like a bunch of times now and I keep erasing it, so I thought I would just write down exactly what I just wrote down. I don’t know why I am inspired by Joy Division, but I just am and always have been.


                  TGIW | Our Favourite Photographers

                  by Westside on February 15, 2012

                  I remember the first time I laid eyes on a David La Chapelle photo. It blew my mind. I was especially drawn into the magical fantasy he’s able to play with, his celebrity commentary, and his overall brilliance. Basically, it was love at first sight.

                  I must admit that my favourite photographers are on the roster at Westside Studio, but how could I pick just one?

                  It was hard to narrow down for most of us. But, when push comes to shove here’s where we panned out with our favourite photographers.


                  Matt Barnes ~ Annie Leibovitz

                  Tom Feiler ~ Duane Michals

                  Tyler Gray ~ Ansel Adams

                  Chris Gordaneer ~ Robert Capa

                  Frank Hoedl ~ William Eggleston

                  Ryan Enn Hughes ~ Yuri Kozyrev

                  Vicky Lam ~ Guido Mocafico

                  Jean Malek ~ Alex Prager

                  Russell Monk ~ Salgado

                  Andrew B. Myers ~ Olaf Breuning

                  Nikki Ormerod ~ Diane Arbus

                  Shanghoon ~ Irving Penn

                  George Simhoni ~ Elliott Erwitt

                  Shelley Hayes ~ David La Chapelle

                  Matt Le Blanc ~ Charlie White

                  Caitlin Robinson ~ James Nachtwey

                  Aric Guité ~ Patrick Demarchelier

                  Gabe Nivera ~ Solve SundsboAll Images © Our Favorite Photographers


                    PHOTOGASM | We Choo-Choo Choose You

                    by Westside on February 14, 2012

                    Being Valentines Day and all, Shelley and I thought it would be fun to go through our computers and try and capture the essence of love within the confines of our photographers portfolios. Some are direct selects from current portfolios. Some we dove a bit deeper into the catalogues. Nonetheless, ALL of todays images are our way of asking, will you be our valentine?

                    Andrew B. Myers

                    Chris Gordaneer

                    Tom Feiler

                    Frank Hoedl

                    George Simhoni

                    Tyler Gray

                    Jean Malek

                    Matt Barnes

                    Nikki Ormerod

                    Russell Monk

                    Ryan Enn Hughes


                    Derek Shapton

                    Vicky Lam

                    As we browsed through the works of our shooters, our eye’s tuned to the frequency of love, I thought it might be nice to attempt some reader/ writer interaction and pit 3 of our Cupids‘ against one another in capture-to-capture combat. So dear readers, it is to you we leave the choice:

                    Whom of three couples pictured below, would you like to spend your Valentines Day with?

                    George Simhoni

                    Matt Barnes

                    Nikki Ormerod

                    The choice is yours!

                    For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.
                    All Images © Respective Photographers