May 2011

Under Construction

by Westside on May 19, 2011

I’ve really enjoyed updating Westside’s blog, Facebook & Twitter accounts over the last 2 years!

But next week is my last week at the studio. Our new Social Media Manager will be taking over.

She has extensive industry experience & lots of exciting ideas.

The Westside Studio Blog will be quiet for a few weeks as we work to transition & relaunch in June.

Thanks for reading!

Jamie Rosenthal


    Shanghoon’s recent shoot for VISA payWave with Cliff Seto for TBWA can be seen all over Toronto. Here it is in billboard form:

    © Shanghoon

    © Shanghoon

    © Shanghoon

    © Shanghoon

    © Shanghoon


      Chris Gordaneer – Punk Rock Big Year!

      by Westside on May 5, 2011

      Chris Gordaneer has been helping Art Director Paul Riss with his year-long personal project Punk Rock Big Year.

      Paul is a bird watcher and his goal in 2011 is to see as many different bird species as possible in Ontario.

      He’s documenting the entire process because he aims to change the stereotypes of what a bird watcher is, to inspire a younger generation to get involved in bird watching and to make people aware of how important birds are to the environment.

      Chris Gordaneer and Jonathan Bensimon have been working together to film content for Paul’s documentary film.

      You can follow Paul’s progress on, Facebook and Twitter!

      Paul Riss & Chris Gordaneer at Westside Studio


        Derek Shapton has been nominated for two National Magazine Awards!

        He’s been nominated in the “Photo Essay” category for an article he photographed for Toronto Life entitled “Mr. Popular”, about Rob Ford.:

        © Derek Shapton

        And he’s been nominated in the “Portrait Photography” category for an article he photographed for Cottage Life entitled “The Last Boyscout”:

        © Derek Shapton

        And Shanghoon has been nominated in the “Still-Life Photography” category for this image he shot for Canadian Business:

        © Shanghoon


          Tyler Gray Shoots Subaru for DDB!

          by Westside on May 5, 2011

          Tyler Gray worked with Paul Riss at DDB Canada to create a new ad campaign for Subaru Canada!

          From Tyler:

          Freelance photo assistant Mike Smith lost his wedding ring on this job! On Day 1 I hired Mike to prep for 2 location shoots and unpack the crash-test dummies. On Day 2 we shot on location at a Bingo hall in Scarborough and a lawn bowling club near Kew Beach. When we returned to the studio after the shoot Mike realized his wedding ring had gone missing! Bummed out, he returned to Westside on Day 3 to return gear, re-pack the crash test dummies for shipment back to LA and search the building for his missing ring. Unfortunately it never turned up and I felt really bad knowing that Mike would likely be sleeping on the sofa in my office until things simmered down at home. To our surprise we got a phone call a few days later from our friend Shelley at The Mannequin Gallery saying “Hey we found a wedding ring in one of the boxes the dummies were shipped in!?!?”. Thankfully Mike’s ring turned up! Great story and props to Shelley for being honest and returning the ring to Mike!

          Images © Tyler Gray

          Mike Smith, Gabe Nivera & Tyler Gray working on location.