March 2011

Russell Monk – Mexican Portraits

by Westside on March 31, 2011

Mexican Portraits by Westside Studio photographer Russell Monk:

All Images © Russell Monk


    Matt Barnes worked with Nathan O’Brien, Crystal Beliveau and Nancy Lee Jobin at Marketel to create a new ad campaign for Air Canada. The ads can be seen on billboards across Toronto:

    Photography © Matt Barnes

    Photography © Matt Barnes

    Photography © Matt Barnes

    Billboard photos by Spenser Forrest.


      Andrew B. Myers

      by Westside on March 31, 2011

      Portrait of Westside Studio photographer Andrew B. Myers by Thomas Dagg:

      © Thomas Dagg


        Tyler Gray Launches New Website!

        by Westside on March 30, 2011

        From Tyler Gray:

        I worked on this new site with Arseni and Grigori at iHousedesign. I wanted a site that was clean and easy to navigate. At the same time, I wanted it to be compatible with iOS (iPad/iPhone) without compromising design and without having to create a separate mobile site. Checkout!




          Derek Shapton recently photographed James Loney for the March issue of Toronto Life. James Loney is a peace activist who was working in Baghdad in 2005 when he was taken hostage with two others and held captive for 118 days. One of his fellow hostages was killed by their captors; James and the other were eventually freed by British Special Forces.

          Images © Derek Shapton


            George Simhoni – Florence, Italy

            by Westside on March 28, 2011

            From George Simhoni:

            The Arno River in Florence, Italy. I am surprised that there is still a bottom on the sculling boats.

            © George Simhoni


              Westside Studio on Twitter

              by Westside on March 28, 2011

              We’ve started to post daily, behind-the-scenes snapshots on Twitter!


              Andrew B. Myers, Nikki Ormerod

              Chris Gordaneer, Tyler Gray

              Vicky Lam, Shelley Hayes

              Matt Barnes, Shanghoon

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                Andrew B. Myers – New Creative Work

                by Westside on March 25, 2011

                New creative work by Westside Studio photographer Andrew B. Myers:

                All Images © Andrew B. Myers


                  Westside Studio – Mobile Website

                  by Westside on March 25, 2011

                  The iPad 2 launches in Canada today!

                  If you happen to get your hands on one, be sure to checkout Westside Studio’s mobile website!

                  If you visit on a mobile device, you’ll be automatically forwarded to it.

                  Here’s how it looks on the iPad:

                  And iPhone:


                    Shanghoon Shoots for Crime Stoppers

                    by Westside on March 24, 2011

                    Shanghoon worked on a new ad campaign for Crime Stoppers’ Chief of Police Dinner with Paul Riss (Creative Director), Loretta Lau (Art Director) and Jordana Rapuch (Writer) at DDB Canada.

                    Images © Shanghoon