August 2010

Shanghoon & Canadian Business Unmask the iPhone 4

by Westside on August 26, 2010

Shanghoon worked with Photo Editor Ronit Novak to tear-down the iPhone 4 for the Sept. 13th issue of Canadian Business.

Image © Shanghoon


    Tyler Gray Shoots OLG For DRAFT FCB

    by Westside on August 26, 2010

    Tyler Gray worked with Dan Cantelon at DRAFT FCB on a new ad for OLG Instant Crossword.

    Images © Tyler Gray


      From Tyler Gray:

      I received a call from Jason Goncalves at Play Advertising back in April to shoot a summer ad campaign for Red Baron Beer. The agency’s layout called for a shot of two people standing on a dock on a hot summer day:

      I considered shooting the ad on location near Aurora, Ontario. But the weather isn’t always great in April. And I wasn’t keen on having to stand in a cold lake behind a camera for 4 hours. Plus the water would restrict my lighting set-up and the talent would freeze.

      I started looking through pictures from canoe trips I had taken in the past and came across a shot of the perfect dock! This photograph became the foundation for the final ad. All camera angles, focal lengths and lighting direction had to match this shot:

      I pulled more images of trees, water and skies from various other trips and mocked up a few background options for the team at Play Advertising:

      Then I shot the talent in Westside Studio’s parking lot. I had them stand on plywood so that I could easily blend the shot into the dock:

      Other small elements were then added to increase the summer atmosphere:

      All of these layers were then combined to create the final image:

      Images © Tyler Gray


        Chris Gordaneer Shoots Chatr Wireless Campaign

        by Westside on August 24, 2010

        Chris Gordaneer worked with Michael Wurstlin at Wurstlin Group Inc. to develop a new ad campaign for Chatr Wireless.

        Images © Chris Gordaneer


          Tyler Gray worked with Justin Genovese and Karin Djelaj at Los Angeles-based Ignited USA to create a new ad campaign for Poynt.

          Poynt is a smartphone application that connects you to local businesses at the moment you want to purchase goods or services. It enables you to find addresses and phone numbers, view websites, see movie times, reviews and trailers, and get directions.

          Images © Tyler Gray


            Matt Barnes – Sony Billboard – In The City

            by Westside on August 12, 2010

            The Sony billboard at Lakeshore & Lower Jarvis was shot by Westside Studio photographer Matt Barnes.

            He worked on the ad with Hao Huang at Sony Canada.

            Photography © Matt Barnes
            Snapshot © Spenser Forrest

            Sony Ad in the Globe & Mail
            Photography © Matt Barnes


              Nikki Ormerod – New Creative Work

              by Westside on August 6, 2010

              New creative work by Westside Studio photographer Nikki Ormerod:

              Images © Nikki Ormerod


                Shanghoon – Canadian Tire Gift Cards

                by Westside on August 6, 2010

                Back in 2008, Shanghoon worked with Anne Maureen Mckeating at TAXI on a collection of gift cards for Canadian Tire.

                I was at the store last week and noticed the cards were still available. The images are well-done and worth posting:

                Images © Shanghoon

                Canadian Tire Gift Cards

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