Ashley’s Nordic Inspiration

by Alex Beetham on January 13, 2016

While most of the studio had their feet kicked up over the holidays, Ashley Capp was hard at work on a new creative.  Tara Ballantyne, Matthew Kimura, and Ashley all put their collective heads together to explore something none of them had worked with before; traditional Nordic cuisine.  No, we’re not talking about Ikea meatballs here.  None of these dishes look too familiar, but my goodness… do they ever look delicious.  Get in my belly.


Glogg Ingredients:

Glogg (Mulled Wine):

Kanelbuller (Swedish Cinnamon Rolls):


Vafflor (Waffles):

The hunger is real…

Photogragher:  Ashley Capp
Food Stylist:  Matthew Kimura
Prop Stylist:  Tara Ballantyne

Prop Stylist Tara looking on as the shots roll in:
All Images © Ashley Capp


    Pint of the Dark Stuff for Dave

    by Alex Beetham on September 21, 2015

    A few weeks back our big blank canvas we like to call Studio F, was transformed by Dave & team into a full on rugby pitch.  Authenticity was important.  Turf was down, 2 real teams were in and kitted out, and sweat was shed scrumming away.  To complete the ambiance, by the end of the shoot the unmistakable fragrance of “locker room” was ripe in the air.  This all came together from the minds at Traffik, to re-create the iconic pint of the dark stuff, Guiness.


     A few words from the man behind the lens, Dave Delnea:

    I love it when this type of creative brief comes my way – a fun concept that requires a bit of problem solving to pull off.

    We shot this in studio by rigging a camera up in the rafters, taping out the outline of the pint glass on some turf that we’d brought in and then filled the outline with the actual rugby players that were part of the shoot.  It took a lot of little adjustments to get everything just right and the studio smelled like a locker room by the end – but we were all very happy with the final result.

    Here’s a snap of the team that made this happen:

    DSC01030 DSC01033
    Agency:  Traffik
    Agency Producer:  Kathryn Brown
    Creative Director:  Troy McGuiness
    Art Director:  Alex Rodriguez
    Photographer:  Dave Delnea
    Photography Producer:  John Stevancec
    Production company:  Westside Studio
    Assistants:  Abe Roberto, Logan Allmendinger
    Digital:  Mark Tyler

    Finally, few assistants dare pull out “the big ladder” here at the studio, but Abe’s a pro.  Being spotted by producer extraordinaire,  John:
    IMG_0557IMG_0562 copyAll Images © Dave Delnea


      California Dreaming with Matt Barnes

      by Alex Beetham on June 2, 2015

      At long last, the frost has left the ground (and our souls) here in Toronto.  10 degrees is completely acceptable spring time patio weather, right?  Matt Barnes wasn’t having any of winters chills, as he kept finding himself back under the warm sun of California, USA.  Matt has been kind enough to share some personal work from his last few trips to the West coast.  Below is everything you’d expect from Matt:  Sexy bods, beautiful faces, low riders, Lady Hayes flower crowns, family & friends, and… well just have a look see for yourself.  A snapshot into the world of Mr. Barnes:

      cali-dreamin-001 cali-dreamin-002 cali-dreamin-003 cali-dreamin-004 cali-dreamin-005 cali-dreamin-006 cali-dreamin-007 cali-dreamin-008 cali-dreamin-009 cali-dreamin-010 cali-dreamin-011 cali-dreamin-012 cali-dreamin-013 cali-dreamin-014 cali-dreamin-015 cali-dreamin-016 cali-dreamin-017 cali-dreamin-018 cali-dreamin-019 cali-dreamin-020 cali-dreamin-021 cali-dreamin-022 cali-dreamin-023 cali-dreamin-024 cali-dreamin-025 cali-dreamin-026

      All Images © Matt Barnes


        Shanghoon with a Tangerine Twist

        by Alex Beetham on May 7, 2015

        In the hustle and bustle of this industry, photographers often have jobs tucked away on a (hopefully multiple) hard drive(s) that, well, just sit there.  That’s a shame, and good work deserves to be shared!  For example, Shanghoon just re-discovered this refreshing campaign he shot a couple years back for Molson.

        Here’s a step by step look at creating Shanghoon magic:

        Step 1)  Acquire many tangerines.


        Step 2)  Have a skilled food stylist peel some perfect twirls.


        Step 3)  Delicately prop said swirls & twirls.


        Step 4)  Take a (many) break(s) to play with Mandu.  Would you look at that face!?  (For more Mandu, search #westsidewoofs on instagram)


        Step 5)  Apply Shanghoon digital sorcery.

        Step 6)  (not pictured) Dedicate a decade of relentless work to your craft, constantly experiment with gear & techniques, surround yourself with talented & enthusiastic people who share your passion, and just be flat out talented.



        Not too shabby for something forgotten about in the archives, eh?

        All Images © Shanghoon


          Joey L and his Dudes With Cameras

          by Westside on April 16, 2015

          When you pop open a portfolio and are immediately greeted by the gaze of an A-list celebrity, some of the most traditional cultures in the world or images you have seen a thousands of times on billboards and in magazines…  there is a good chance that the front of that book may read “Joey L”.

          Have you ever wondered what the life of one of the best commercial photographer looks like?  What it is like to look through a lens and see some of the worlds most rich and famous?  What would it be like to get the perfect shot and then be flown across a continent or two to do it all over again?  Joey L lives a hectic, but incredible life because of his talents.  Recently he published a new series of videos offering you a look into his life has a commercial photographer.  It is called Dudes with Cameras.

          Dudes with cameras is an answer to all those questions and maybe more.  It will make you laugh and give you a little peek into how awesome it is to work with Joey L and his team.  Check out this video below of the shoot that Joey did with us for the folks at DentsuBos and Canon.  You will also spot our very own Nick Leadlay retouching and Kirsten White producing!


            Nikki Plays Make Believe

            by Alex Beetham on December 10, 2014




            I’ve been wanting to do a shoot with Lola for over a year now. I felt like if we didn’t do it soon – she wouldn’t be a kid anymore.. This little lady was such a great model it blew us all away. She kept us entertained with her vibrant personality and with her live performance of The Llama Song. I really felt like I was a child again. It was such a fun day. I have a fascination with film (some films…) I really wanted this to feel like a total throw back to my childhood hanging out in my grandparents basement. Playing make believe. Dressing up. day dreaming. I borrowed colours from my memories and built a set accordingly. It has a very “Virgin suicides” feel to it… Its cool how ideas just grow and end up in spots you didn’t necessarily intend. I love when creative plans unfold organically and you’re left with something beautiful.

            - N


            Model is Lola,
            Her mum is Sacha.
            Wardrobe: Pascal Alhani
            Makeup: Angie DeBatista
            Set Design: Nikki Ormerod & Alex Beetham
            Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Jamie Rosenthal


            03_Lola__0337All Images © Nikki Ormerod

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              Tasty Treats w. Shanghoon

              by Alex Beetham on November 26, 2014

              Howling winds and snowy squalls make many a stomach crave warm, gooey comfort food. Shanghoon and food stylist Sarah Sweeney cooked up a delicious creative with this homemade turkey pot-pie. Try and keep from drooling.

              Food Creative Sarah119_01F Food Creative Sarah144_01FAll Images © Shanghoon

              Shanghoon & Sarah on set:



                AND THE AWARD GOES TO……..

                by Tom Nesbitt on May 13, 2014

                There are few things in this industry that do more to propel the careers of a photographer than having their work accepted into an awards annual. There are many of these to chose from. Local, National, International you name it. Each year begins a new as photographers, agencies and designers alike send in their best work in hopes of recognition. To be accepted into the pages of the annual is by no means a small feat. The competition is steep. For instance Communication Arts On average, each annual receives roughly 5000 entries and only 150-200 are chosen for the book. That means you have a 96% – 97% chance of not making the final cut. A 3%-4% chance of winning is not an attractive gamble to many. But those odds make it even sweeter when your work is chosen by a distinguished panel of jurors. And hey, you are a photographer, you are used to taking chances.

                For this year the first one out of the gate is the internationally acclaimed design publication Coupe

                In this we have Vicky Lam and Nikki Ormerod

                Vicky worked on these sinister images for Fangoria Entertainment with:
                CD: Zack Mroueh
                AD: Mooren Bofill
                Writer: Nick Asik
                Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo




                Nikki hooked up with the team at Juniper Park on these ethereal beauties.
                ECD: Barry Quinn, Alan Madill, Terry Drummond
                Design: Natasha Michalowska
                Client: Kim Good




                Next up is Canada’s leading visual communications publication Applied Arts and in this years pages we have several Westsiders…..
                George Simhohi, Matt Barnes, Tyler Gray & Derek Shapton for stills and Chris Gordaneer for both stills & motion

                George doing what George does best, for this Advertising Single entry
                Agency: Bright Red Communications
                AD: Doug Bramah

                And a couple of Self Promotional beauties too….

                North California rugged cliffs on the coast 07 no releases


                Derek worked his wonderful portrait skills on Tim Godsall for Shots Magazine


                Tyler knocked it out of the park for ESPN Magazine during ExposNation
                Photo Director: Karen Frank
                Assoc Photo Editor: Kaitlin MarronApplied Arts

                You would have had to have been living a rock if you missed these stunners from Chris Gordaneer for the Canadian Olympic Committee
                Agency: Proximity
                AD: Josh Stein
                Art Producer: Jessica Valentini
                Digital Imaging: Mark Tyler / Stir Images



                And then there were these winners from the old country in the unpublished /personal category
                Scotland-00445j copy

                Scotland-01483f copy


                Theres more to come folks. Plenty of awards to be handed out still this year.
                See ya soon.


                  PHOTOGASM | NIKKI PERFORMS

                  by Westside on April 8, 2014

                  Nikki O took full advantage of extra hands around the studio during the recently passed ‘Intern Season’, and showed some youngins a fun and safe way to perform with water in the studio. Here’s the lady herself with some words before we get into her latest PHOTOGASM.

                  I shot this fun performance inspired creative a little while ago. Thanks to the help of some awesome people here at the studio, and some hard working interns from Sheridan and Humber, I was able to pull off some wet and wild photos. Hope you enjoy. ~Nikki

                  © Nikki Ormerod

                  © Nikki OrmerodPhotographer: Nikki Ormerod
                  Styling: Nadia Pizzimenti
                  Hair & Makeup: Jukka
                  Assistants: Alex Beetham, Spencer Blackwood, Joanna Gigliotti, Caitlin Allen, & Michelle Brussolo

                  © Nikki Ormerod

                  © Nikki Ormerod

                  © Nikki Ormerod

                  There’s a few more images from Nikki’s creative over on her blog, but before you go here’s a bit of behind the scenes thanks to Nikki and Stylist Nadia P!

                  © Nikki Ormerod

                  © Nadia PizzimentiImages © Nikki Ormerod
                  BTS Images © Nikki Ormerod/ Nadia Pizzimenti


                    PHOTOGASM | MATT’S ARTIST CORNER

                    by Westside on March 7, 2014

                    In a double down we’ve dubbed his Artist Corner, today’s Photogasm from Matt Barnes features two men who respectively, to put things apt, are on top of their game. While their fields are on drastically different ends of the art spectrum, both produce a product capable of wowing the masses. Much like our man Matt.

                    We’ll start things off with a quick trip to The Big Apple, where Matt and his crew met with the sartorial sultan, Nick Wooster. Now in his second time before Matt’s glass, the sharply dressed fashion expert was again kind enough to share words with The Passing Shot, a sample of which you’ll find between Matt’s images.

                    © Matt Barnes

                    The Passing Shot: We’re pleased you were able to reconnect with Matt after meeting for a quickie a few years back. Is there a distinct difference between the Nick Wooster of 2011 and he of 2014?

                    Nick Wooster: I guess I am just older. I am never really conscious of “what I am wearing” or “what I am going to look like”. I just acquire stuff that I think is cool or that I really like…and figure it out as I have to get dressed.

                    © Matt Barnes © Matt Barnes

                    TPS: You shot in studio this time, the result of which feels more intimate than on the street. Have you a preference to location versus studio photography, when it comes to being photographed? You’re certainly often photographed but do you enjoy sitting for a portrait?

                    NW: I truly hate having my picture taken. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when I am caught on the street with sunglasses, there isn’t much I have to do. Sitting in front of a camera is way more intimidating. It brings every shred of negative self image straight into my consciousness like a bazooka, but Matt made it way less scary for me – for that I am super grateful.

                    © Matt Barnes

                    Our second subject of Matt’s is a man whose talents know no bounds. Musician, mixed media and performance artist, Curtis Santiago, better known as TALWST, hails from Trinidad but connected with Mr. Barnes after moving to Toronto several years ago. His latest project – Infinity – is a series of miniature dioramas housed in reclaimed jewellery boxes. Large worlds in extremely small places. It’s definitely worth the click to see for yourself – after you check out these portraits though.

                    © Matt Barnes

                    © Matt Barnes

                    © Matt BarnesAll Images © Matt Barnes