by Matt on August 28, 2013 is an open source project that scours the internet in search of EXIF data from images that have been uploaded onlinen – focusing on the camera body’s serial number – and then saves that information along with where the image is being shown. So, should you ever have a camera* stolen and you are unable to track it down, this service might provide you with a last grasp at the straws.

I couldn’t think of any stolen cameras to test it with, so instead I used an image from a shoot with a rented camera, in hopes that a different shoot might appear in the results. The interface is a lot like Google’s reverse search, so I popped in one of Ryan Enn Hughes‘ shots for Les Mills.

© Ryan Enn Hughes

And sure enough, in the results for images shot with the Nikon D3X that Ryan rented while he was in LA, there appeared some images that were definitely not from the same project. In fact they were images of rapper Tyler the Creator appearing in a very familiar look.



Long story short, there’s a really cool service for finding your stolen camera/ seeing what’s happened with the rental you’re using – and Ryan Enn Hughes shot with a camera Terry Richardson used one time.



    by Matt on August 14, 2013

    Today rather than Thanking Goodness It’s Wednesday, we invite you to join us in giving thanks to something a bit more wonderful. Travel jobs.

    With much thanks to Birder/ ACD Paul Riss, Team Simhoni is off working in ‘la belle province’. And because we love sharing an Instagram’d look at our rosters travels, let’s take a look at how their time is going so far.

    Through the eye of Producer John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec

    Through the eye of ACD Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss

    Through the eye of Assistant Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera

    We’ll keep you in the loop and show off the goods when the time comes, but for now go check out these hilarious pictures of Dads at a One Direction concert.

    All Images © Respective Instagramers



      by Matt on July 31, 2013

      On Monday AdWeek’s Tim Nudd let everyone in on the greatest tampon advertisement made to date. It’s been making rounds through social media, so if you haven’t taken the time yet, do so. You won’t regret it.

      Here’s to hoping that little girl has a long and storied career starring in well written advertisements.
      She deserves it.

      via Tim Nudd’s Ad of the Day



        by Matt on July 24, 2013

        A feel good story for your Wednesday kiddos. Known simply as Grandpa, Hal Lasko is 97 years old, has wet macular degeneration, and is an amazing 8-bit painter. Click play and give this man a few minutes.


        via The Pixel Painter


          TGIW | IMAGINATE

          by Matt on June 26, 2013

          If one of the 2.6 million views on the ensuing video wasn’t done by you, then click play and behold the glory that is Red Bull‘s latest epic creative, Imaginate.


          via Red Bull’s awesome YouTube channel.


            TGIW | DOS

            by Matt on June 12, 2013

            Last Spring, Evergreen Brick Works played host to UNO, a wild night of art, music, booze, and tacos presented by La Carnita. Thousands came out that evening to see the works of some big names in street art and one in particular that stood out to us here on the Westside. If you don’t know who we’re talking about, it’s Matt Barnes, who put together this lovely piece that was a big hit amongst its viewers.


            So why are we showing you a picture that Matt created for an event that took place over a year ago? Well the boys behind UNO have been grinding hard these past months in order to yet again plaster the walls of the Brick Works with beautiful art and fill up your bellies with tasty Mexican fare. Ladies and Gents prepare yourselves, DOS is coming. We spoke with event curator Clay Rochemont about how they intend to outdo themselves and what the big night has in store.

            Obviously you were happy with the response to UNO, so what kind of thought process went into taking DOS to “the next level”?

            UNO was a great experience, but now that La Carnita has a brick and mortar location, and food events have become somewhat a regular thing, we knew we’d need to bring in a huge draw on every level to make DOS very special. As far as curating the exhibition, I’ve had great relationships with fine artists all over the world, and started to put my feelers out last summer. Once the responses started coming back, we knew we’d be able to really blow this out of the water on the art side.

            As far as the Big Star Chicago concept, we wanted Toronto to get that pop up feel again while really playing off the number 2. Andrew, Amin and I sat down and decided the best way to do that was to bring in one of North America’s most celebrated taquerias for 1 night only. With the DJ’s, whats better than two DJ’s partying together and battling on 4 turntables? They’re going to try and out-do one another track for track, and its going to be a great party.

            A snap of the crowd at UNO

            Where did the idea of the artist battle come from, and was there a method behind matching artists up?

            Everything about DOS is bouncing off the concept of the number 2. Most (Not all) of our artists have been street artists, graffiti artists etc at one point, and know what its like to battle, or claim their space. I wanted the rawness of the streets to play into DOS, and I didn’t want the theme to be common across the board like UNO. So, we’re here now with 40 artists paired in two’s, sharing 20 themes of their choice. Some will collaborate, some will compete.

            Is there anyone special on the roster you are really proud to be bringing to Toronto?

            I love every artist on this roster (Hi Matt!), and a few I’m very excited to show, both locals and international. One story that sticks out, is I contacted DALeast about the show, he agreed to exhibit and THEN told me about his wife, Faith47. I was floored by the talent in that household, and paired them up immediately. They also have a 12 year old son who is a great artist as well, he’ll be making the trip with them. Such talent.

            DALeast VS FAITH74

            With regards to the food, will there be veggie options for those who aren’t down to eat meat?

            The menu from both La Carnita and Big Star will be revealed soon. I know there will be vegetarian options of food, but even I’m in the dark when it comes to the taco’s ingredients this time around. (Exciting!)

            Sum up what you expect from the evening in 5 words (or less).

            Do Not Miss This Exhibition.


            A real big thanks to Clay for taking the time and giving us the lowdown on the evenings events. Tickets for DOS are on sale now at so get ‘em while you still can. TGIW!


              TGIW | BLOWIN’ AWAY THE DAY

              by Matt on June 5, 2013

              We can’t seem to track down who’s behind the following ad – but whoever it is – to you we give our Wednesday goodnesses.

              Much love to Copyranter for originally sharing.
              TGIW kids.


                TGIW | HASHTAG WILDLIFE

                by Matt on May 29, 2013

                As Toronto’s “Spring” slowly crawls into Summer, we’ve noticed an increase in the presence of wildlife on the Westside, and so today we show gratitude to the less tame animalia that help get us over the hump and through the remainder of the week.

                First we’re giving big shout outs to the Westside Wildlife Crew (or WWC), which is comprised of some of the baddest back alley animals you’ve never met. The laziest racoon on Lansdowne – Big Rick; Lil’ Jake the tiny snake; and Mort, who we think is either a groundhog or muskrat, we’re not sure.


                Next we got lots of love for the goats that dropped some hot fire on this new Daft Punk track, Goat Lucky; however we feel there could have been less Pharrell and more goat, but that’s just us.

                And finally, the loudest of shout outs to Death Metal Rooster. You sir, help make the world go round.

                TGIW kids.


                  TGIW | HUMP DAY

                  by Matt on May 22, 2013

                  This is too appropriate to not put on TGIW. Enjoy.

                  Don’t worry folks, the workday is almost over.
                  (via AdWeek)


                    TGIW | THE BEST PSA YOU’LL NEVER SMELL

                    by Matt on March 27, 2013

                    As a filthy smoke-sucker*, it’s not often a ‘Quit Smoking’ campaign comes along and makes me think twice about my beloved “habit”. The typical shock and awe – YOU’RE GONNA DIE! – advertisements just aren’t cutting it for me, as these days I’m subjected to some kind of gross imagery every time I reach for a pack.

                    Enter BBDO Toronto’s new work for the Ministry of Health. Dubbed by CNN’s Erin Burnett as possibly, “the best public service announcement you’ll ever see,” the following 53 seconds not only had me lol-ing from start to finish, it actually got me thinking about how much longer I can keep this “habit” up. Even if you’ve seen it, give a click and get a laugh, this one deserves to squeak past the 1 million views mark.

                    *Lady at Bloor & Davenport, you were pretty original I’ll give ya that much.