by Matt on February 12, 2014

Location – some say it’s as important as your subject. Others – like product shooters I imagine – disagree. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, one things for sure – if your in need of one, it can be a tough game trying to track down that perfect spot for the shot.

While commercial work may tend to get support though services such as a location scout (s/o Steve Connor!), this can’t always be the case, and so the search begins. Sometimes you get lucky and know someone who knows someone and your good, other times, not so much. Fortunately for those of us located in Toronto, there’s a local startup looking to make that process a bit easier on all parties involved.


The brainchild of Ryerson grad Alex Kolodkin, is a great time saver for those who can’t afford to spend their day location hunting. While still in it’s early stages, the site aims to make the connection between production and location a simpler one, with less hassles and clear guidelines so both parties leave pleased.


So whether it’s commercial or creative purposes, next time you’re in need of a location for a shoot, click on over to Set Scouter and maybe you’ll save yourself a headache.



    by Matt on February 5, 2014

    We all have one. A special place where we can go and allow our creative self to be free. The place where that next image, sketch, chapter, or whatever, takes those baby steps from mind into fruition. Maybe it’s your local coffee shop, or a certain bench in a certain park someplace. Maybe it isn’t a physical place at all, just a state of mind you can go when toughing out public transit delays. No matter what this place is – it’s yours – and we want to see it.

    Over the next 4 weeks we’re calling on all and any to SHOW US YOUR CREATIVE PLACE and maybe win yourself a prize while you’re at it. We understand your time is precious, so we’ve decided to keep things real simple and entering is an easy 2 step process.

    1| YOU take a picture of your creative space. Slap some filters on it, or don’t. Tell us about it with a quick sentence, or don’t. Whatever you want is fine by us.

    2| YOU send that picture to the blog team.

    That’s it. Your done!

    Still unsure of what we mean by “Your Creative Place”? Well here’s an example from me, Matt L, the guy who writes a lot of what you read here.

    I like to think up creatives I’ll probably never make while walking in alleys.
    © el blanco

    So what are we going to do with that picture once we’ve got it, and more importantly how are you going to get that aforementioned prize?

    Upon receiving your submitted image it will be uploaded to our Facebook Page, where it will be showcased in a dedicated contest gallery. At the end of 4 weeks we will check back to see who’s image has the most Likes, and that person will win themselves…. wait for it…. it’s really good….


    Will it be a George Simhoni? Or perhaps a Vicky Lam. Maybe a Chris Gordaneer. Or one from new guy Dave Delnea. Who knows? Only you can make that decision by entering!

    All contest submissions can be sent to Matt L using the subject line: SHOW US YOURS CONTEST. Entry’s will be accepted up until March 4th, but that won’t leave you much time for getting ‘Likes’ now will it.

    Good Luck and TGIW!

    * Some images may not be available due to various reasons, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.



      by Matt on January 22, 2014

      Way back in our very first TGIW, Shelley got us through our Wednesday with an “in-production” video game called Warco. The game’s concept caused a bit of a stir, as it’s player acts as a journalist filming various war zones. To date the game has yet to be seen, but that hasn’t stopped one savvy gamer from capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the greatest video game of all time – Grand Theft Auto V.

      Earlier this week, Reddit user cy_sperling shared an album of images he has been taking as a “combat photographer” within the online world of GTA. All players are given a cell phone which features a camera (complete with filters) that uploads the images you take to your online profile. Selfies were a really big thing for a while, which was only really funny when sharks were still randomly showing up on Los Angeles Los Santos street corners. So as someone who both plays GTA Online ‘quite a bit’ and really wanted to see Warco happen, this really interested me. Here are some selects from his original album.

      It’s important to mention here that at any time in the GTA Online world, a player can be grouped with up to 16 other players, and in most cases it’s a massive free-for-all of mayhem and terror. You can place yourself in a “passive mode” (something he does), preventing others from shooting you, which forces people to get creative if they want to kill you. He says in his post,

      I should add that my character is wearing camo pants, a black jacket with “MEDIA” printed across the back, and a helmet. I try very hard to find and use the WEZL News van to drive to the hot spots to take pictures.

      It’s fun to see who “get it” and let me get up close while they fight. Most people seem to have fun with it, but there is always one guy who can’t stop trying to run me over.

      Since then, the idea has gained a lot of traction within the GTA Online community, with cy_sperling’s Media Lens crew quickly growing to 200+ members. And just like in the real world, preferred subjects are varied. While some are tempted by the action, others enjoy a relaxing jaunt through the city looking to capture interesting portraits. I particularly enjoyed these two shots from user Xynthantion’s series, “Native Gangs of Los Santos“.

      While still in it’s early stages, there’s a definite lopsidedness towards the violent in this before unseen style of fan art. But as those who’ve played can confirm, the landscape of the game is so vast that the possibilities for a virtual photographer are endless.
      Images by cy_sperling & Xynthantion



        by Tom Nesbitt on January 10, 2014

        Hey All,
        When we started up this whole TGIW section of the Blog way back when, it was just a way of getting over the monotony of a week’s worth of days. Wednesday has traditionally been singled out as the day to begin the slide towards the weekend. Generally we’d take a little time away from talking about the work so much, and shine the light outward on the world at large. Well this weeks post takes that all that interesting content you come to love and pushes it two steps to the right. Now when you check in on TGIW you’ll think OMG its only Wednesday?, but snap its already Friday!!! no need to slave over Thursday.

        Just tying to keep you on your toes. Enjoy and TGIW!

        Winter happens – there isn’t anything you can do about it. I find the best way to get through it is to embrace it. So…….
        You might as well just get out there and enjoy it as best you can. Look, you can always come back inside and have a drink – right? – unless of course you are ice fishing and then, well, you got nothing to complain about.
        Here are just a smattering of the Westside Crews Instagram pics proving we aren’t scared of the cold!!

        BTW – It you are at all interested, we like to play shinny at Campbell Park on Wednesday nights

        Tom Nesbitt© Tom Nesbitt

        Phaedra Kennedy© Phaedra Kennedy      © Phaedra Kennedy

        © Phaedra Kennedy

        Nikki Ormerod© Nikki Ormerod

        Tyler Gray© Tyler Gray

        © Tyler Gray

        Chris Gordaneer© Chris Gordaneer

        Kirsten White© Kirsten White Derek Shapton© Derek Shapton

        Caitlin Robinson© Caitlin Robinson

        Matt Barnes© Matt Barnes

        Derek ShaptonTGIW-Winter-Derek

        John Stevancec© John Stevancec

        Andrew B. Myers© Andrew B Myers

        Phaedra Kennedy© Phaedra Kennedy

        Tom Nesbitt© Tom Nesbitt

        Shanghoon© Shanghoon
        All Images © Respective Instagramers

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          TGIW | WHO DID IT BEST?

          by Matt on October 30, 2013

          Turns out the Chinese were totally wrong. 2013 is actually the year of the chicken.

          At least thats what advertising is telling us, as (so far) this year 3 different brands have released ads that place their weight on some small feathered shoulders. While overlooked at release, Fujifilm’s spot for their X-S1 camera found lots of love when later in the year Mercedes-Benz showed us how a Benz is actually just like a chicken. Shortly thereafter, LG showed up to the coop with their own feature length look at the birds incredible stability. The big question though, WHO DID IT BEST?



            TGIW | BOX

            by Matt on September 25, 2013

            Back when Ryan Enn Hughes worked with VICE on their THUMP launch party, we mentioned that the magazine has vast collection of YouTube channels – and today we’re TGIWing for one of our favourites – The Creators Project. Through the partnership of Intel and VICE, The Creators Project is a celebration of innovative artists no matter what their discipline is.

            Yesterday the project debuted a incredible short film from Bot & Dolly, a design and engineering studio that specializes in automation, robotics, and filmmaking. A quick preface from the video’s About section before your mind is blown by technology.

            Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

            Get more info on BOX and Bot & Dolly by clicking over to their website, otherwise go have yourselves an awesome day. TGIW!



              by Matt on September 18, 2013

              The title of this post is all you need to know for now, but based on the Instagrams so far, we’re pretty excited to see whatever it is Chris Gordaneer‘s currently up to.

              © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris Gordaneer © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris Gordaneer © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris Gordaneer

              TGIW kids!
              All Images © Chris Gordaneer

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                TGIW | THE PROOF

                by Matt on September 18, 2013

                Three days in and PROOF, a new photography blog from National Geographic, already looks to be the go-to place for first hand accounts and advice from the people behind the magazines incredible photos. A quick intro from their About page before you check out their first video from a series that will focus on each of their photographers.

                Proof is National Geographic’s new online photography experience. It was launched to engage ongoing conversations about photography, art, and journalism. In addition to featuring selections from the magazine and other publications, books, and galleries, this site will offer new avenues for our audience to get a behind-the-scenes look at the National Geographic storytelling process.

                Get more from PROOF here.


                  TGIW | STOLEN GOODS

                  by Matt on August 28, 2013

         is an open source project that scours the internet in search of EXIF data from images that have been uploaded onlinen – focusing on the camera body’s serial number – and then saves that information along with where the image is being shown. So, should you ever have a camera* stolen and you are unable to track it down, this service might provide you with a last grasp at the straws.

                  I couldn’t think of any stolen cameras to test it with, so instead I used an image from a shoot with a rented camera, in hopes that a different shoot might appear in the results. The interface is a lot like Google’s reverse search, so I popped in one of Ryan Enn Hughes‘ shots for Les Mills.

                  © Ryan Enn Hughes

                  And sure enough, in the results for images shot with the Nikon D3X that Ryan rented while he was in LA, there appeared some images that were definitely not from the same project. In fact they were images of rapper Tyler the Creator appearing in a very familiar look.



                  Long story short, there’s a really cool service for finding your stolen camera/ seeing what’s happened with the rental you’re using – and Ryan Enn Hughes shot with a camera Terry Richardson used one time.


                    TGIW | INSTA-VOYAGE AVEC GEORGE

                    by Matt on August 14, 2013

                    Today rather than Thanking Goodness It’s Wednesday, we invite you to join us in giving thanks to something a bit more wonderful. Travel jobs.

                    With much thanks to Birder/ ACD Paul Riss, Team Simhoni is off working in ‘la belle province’. And because we love sharing an Instagram’d look at our rosters travels, let’s take a look at how their time is going so far.

                    Through the eye of Producer John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec© John Stevancec

                    Through the eye of ACD Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss© Paul Riss

                    Through the eye of Assistant Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera© Gabe Nivera

                    We’ll keep you in the loop and show off the goods when the time comes, but for now go check out these hilarious pictures of Dads at a One Direction concert.

                    All Images © Respective Instagramers