Chris Refuels With Chocolate Milk

by Alex Beetham on May 2, 2016

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk?  Even the lactose intolerant among us crave it so desperately that they will ignore their bodies warnings and suffer the bloating consequences.  Dammit it’s tasty… and one of the healthiest things to drink post workout!  Chris was brought on by Sandbox for Chocolate Milk to capture some (really) early morning workout sessions.  Definitely worth the early alarm clocks:




Credit where credit is due:

Client:  Chocolate Milk

Agency:  Sandbox
VP, Co-CD:  Jacob Gawrysiak
Co-CD:  Michel Lang
Copy Writer:  Amy Jacobs

Production:  Westside Studio
Photographer:  Chris Gordaneer
Producer:  Kirsten White
Digital Tech:  Brendan Smyth
Assistants:  Jeff Jamison, Mike Smith, Christa Michelle
Location Scout:  Steve Conner
Make Up:  Angela McQueen & Lisa Vella
Wardrobe:  Tiffany Briseno
Prop Stylist:  Cheryl Thompson
Catering:  Emmas Country Kitchen

Sandbox’s CD Mr. Lang had his camera out snapping away on all 3 shoot days. Take a look see from his perspective:

dfc_shoot_001 dfc_shoot_002 dfc_shoot_003 dfc_shoot_004 dfc_shoot_006 dfc_shoot_007 dfc_shoot_008 dfc_shoot_009 dfc_shoot_010 dfc_shoot_011 dfc_shoot_012dfc_shoot_016 dfc_shoot_014
Can’t beat sunrise shinny… Thanks to all who made this happen!

All Images © Chris Gordaneer
All BTS Images © Sandbox



    Chris Captures the River Monster

    by Alex Beetham on April 25, 2016

    Perk #894 of commercial photography:  Escaping Canadian winter to shoot a job on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.  Exactly what Chris Gordaneer did this past winter when he got the call from Animal Planet to help introduce season 8 of the incredibly successful “River Monsters.”  Host Jeremy Wade didn’t think the rivers were cutting it anymore, so the 8th season of River Monsters moved out to open waters.  Take a look at what they captured:

    16001_34612_2376q16001_RiverMonsters-0837c copy16001_RiverMonsters-0746b16001_RiverMonsters-0300b16001_RiverMonsters-0483b

    TheKey Ad with copy:

     I had the pleasure of hanging out in the Dominican Republic with this guy, Jeremy Wade from River Monsters for a week in February this year.  These shots were for the shows 8th season on Animal Planet.  The shoot took place on both a beach, and at the Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios which is a 60,000 square foot water tank!  Amazing!  Great crew, great agency, great client, all around awesome experience.  Jeremy is the real deal.     – Chris.


    Credit where credit is due:

    Client:  Animal Planet
    Jamie Dugger, Vice President of Creative, Animal Planet
    Joe Carey, Producer, Animal Planet
    Shannon Erb, Sr. Director of Talent, Animal Planet
    Selbern Narby, Sr. Editor, Animal Planet
    Jeanne Kopeck, Creative Director, Mrs K’s
    Andrew Turman, Director of Photography, Mrs K’s
    Erin Lofstrom, Producer, Mrs K’s
    Jessica Latterman, Vice President of Marketing, Animal Planet
    Monica Zeitlin, Director of Marketing, Animal Planet
    Lisa McKenna, Production Manager, Marketing
    Blair Staruch, Account Executive
    Anna Fodero, Account Coordinator
    Beth Stewart, Associate Creative Director
    Anand Gahlot, Art Director
    Laura Adams, Photo Producer
    Sheri Wake, Photo Producer

    Westside Studio Producer:  Kirsten White
    Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
    Digital Tech: Brendan Smyth

    Chris’ tech/first assistant Brendan (very talented photographer in his own right) had a few moments to capture some BTS from the 2 set days.  Check’em!

    Day one shooting on our beautiful Dominican beach location:

    34612_517534612_5055 34612_5058 34612_5059 34612_5071 34612_5072 34612_5106 34612_5108 34612_5165 34612_5186 34612_5202 34612_5238 34612_5273 34612_533034612_5496

    Day two, shooting at Pinewood Studios Horizon Water Tank, the “most advanced water tank in the world.”  Making waves.

    34612_5371 34612_5433 34612_5439 34612_5443 34612_5445 34612_5467

    Getting stuck on location for a couple extra days isn’t too bad with good company:

    All Images © Chris Gordaneer
    All BTS Images © Brendan Smyth



      Dave Gets Naked for Lululemon

      by Alex Beetham on April 21, 2016

      It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all… nothing at all… nothing at all

      That’s what it feels like wearing Lululemon’s newest offering of “naked bottoms.”  Last week Dave Delnea was locked into the job at 11pm the night before the shoot, hopped on the first flight out to Vancouver the next morning, and finished the shoot in time to catch the red eye back to Toronto.   How’s that for production turn around time?
      The shots are all over the Lulu home page… check’em:

      Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.04.59 PM

      We can’t share the BTS on the blog due to it’s revealing nature, but if interested they can be found here. (NSFW)


      All Images © Dave Delnea


        Dave Goes for a Ride with Mariposa Bikes

        by Alex Beetham on April 20, 2016

        Dave Delnea has been building up all sorts of gorgeous additions to his motion reel. The latest offering is this group of spots for Mariposa Bicycles. Since 1969, Mariposa handcrafts bikes of incredible quality right here in Toronto and deserve to be shown off doing what they do best. Doing so involved a whole lot of hanging expensive gear out of the back of moving vehicles. We think it was well worth it. Check out the results to see for yourself.

        The main spot:

        Individual shorts:

        One of my favourite parts of this job is getting to collaborate with other people who are doing amazing things around this city – Michael and Dede at Mariposa Bicycles are definitely a couple of those people.  It was a great experience getting to work with them and see their passion for the sport and lifestyle of cycling.  Huge thanks to the crew, talent and post production team who helped make this all happen!


        Dave pulled a few stills from that tasty Dragon footage:








        Credit where credit is due:

        Client:  Mariposa Bicycles
        Production:  Westside Studio
        Director:  Dave Delnea
        Producer:  Tom Nesbitt
        DP/Camera Opp:  John Ker
        1st AC:  Calvin D’Souza (Day One)
        1st AC:  Dan Duguary (Day Two)

        Talent: Scott Fitzgerald (Road), Marissa Janes (Mixte) & Chris Mathias (Porter)

        Special thanks to Cote de Boeuf 

        Producer Tom was snapping away on his phone over the 2 days of shooting… take a look behind the lens:










        All Images & Video © Dave Delnea
        All BTS Images © Tom Nesbitt


          Tyler Introduces The New Toys “R” Us CPO

          by Alex Beetham on March 31, 2016

          It’s the executive role every kid dreams of. Well, perhaps not many children are dreaming of corporate employment, but Émile Burbidge is no ordinary 12 year old. This is one of many reasons that Toys “R” Us Canada has hired him on as their new CPO! (That’s Chief Play Officer, for those not savvy with corporate toy chains.) Émile is the lucky (and deserving) new hire, getting his hands on the latest and greatest toys to test and review for kids and parents alike. Now his penthouse office was still under construction during the time of filming, so we had to improvise and retrofit our boardroom into his temporary work space. We think it turned out pretty well:

          Oh, and he’s completely bilingual too.


          Client:  Toys “R” Us Canada
          Agency:  Open
          Executive Creative Director: Martin Beauvais
          Copywriter: Samara Luck
          Account Executive: Nicolas Rouleau
          Art Director:  Tyler Mckissick
          Production:  Westside Studio
          Director / Photographer:  Tyler Gray
          Producer:  John Stevancec
          DOP / Camera Op:  John Ker
          Audio Capture:  Alex Beetham
          Hair & Makeup:  Lisa Vella
          Wardrobe Stylist:  Jessa Bissett
          Assistants:  Jeff Jamison, Logan Allmendinger, Rebecca Leach
          Adorable Dog: Mandu

          Émile drummed up a fair bit of press!

          CBC-News TVA-Nouvelles Newswire CTV-News
          Congrats again Émile! Oh and of course, a little look behind the curtain…

          BTS 1BTSBTS 2BTS 3BTS 4 All Images & Video © Tyler Gray


            Tyler’s no Outsider with AGO

            by Alex Beetham on March 21, 2016

            Tyler was approached by Cundari and the AGO to help promote their latest photo exhibit; Outsiders: American Photography and Film,1950s–1980s. This exhibit celebrates the artists who changed the image of American life, including Diane Arbus, Garry Winogrand, Danny Lyon, Nan Goldin, Gordon Parks. Four Torontonians were invited to sit down with the exhibition’s co-curators, Jim Shedden and Sophie Hackett, to discuss what it means to be an insider or an outsider—this is what they had to say:

            Credit where credit is due:

            Client: AGO
            Outsiders Curators: Sophie Hackett, Jim Sheddon

            Agency: Cundari
            Art Director: Jake Bundock
            Copy Writer: Ryan Kukec

            Production: Westside Studio
            Photographer & Director: Tyler Gray
            Producer: John Stevancec
            Camera Operator & DP: John Ker
            Audio Capture: Alex Beetham
            Editor: Taylor Bateman
            Assistants: Brendan Smyth, Logan Allmandinger
            Hair & Make Up: Taylor Savage
            Wardrobe Stylist: Jessa Bissett

            From the curators description of the exhibit:

            Harnessing the descriptive and expressive capacities of photography and film, the artists in this remarkable exhibition, Outsiders: American Photography and Film, 1950s–1980s, all participated in changing the image of American life. Motivated by a sense that the status quo was untenable, and that current visual expressions of American life did not reflect what they knew and saw of the world, they deployed their chosen media to reflect a more complex, more authentic and more diverse view of the world in which they had grown up.

            Keep your eyes peeled for these posters all over the city!





            A look see behind the scenes…

            BTS 1

            BTS 2


            BTS 3The exhibit is running now until May 12th!  It’s a fascinating curation… go check it out!

            © – Images & Video © Tyler Gray
            © – BTS Images © Alex Beetham


              Frank Drives Toyota into Square One

              by Alex Beetham on March 16, 2016

              It’s the dream of many to have the opportunity to go full Blues Brothers.  A car chase of epic proportions, crashing through a malls worth of stores and stalls.  Frank was hired on by Toyota to show off their take over of the old Target real estate in Square One, but they weren’t exactly keen on having the mall destroyed in a reenactment.  So close, yet so far… How fun would that be!?  There obviously had to be a few compromises.  No drifting through Holt Renfrew, but take a look at these shiny new Toyota’s hanging out in the mall!

              3784-Hero-Wall-A,B,C-285x81-Prius_SIZED 3784-Hero-Wall-A,B,C-285x81-Priusc_SIZED 3784-Hero-Wall-A,B,C-285x81-RAV4_SIZEDAnd guess what?  There were even more compromises, because we couldn’t even get the cars in there!  Hoedl photoshop magic at it’s finest, dropping studio shot cars into their new homes at Square One.  Take a look at the three executions:

              Toyota-Fitting-Room-v05F-RGB_Sized bts-frank-9


              Client:  Toyota Canada

              Agency:  Saatchi & Saatchi
              Executive CD:  Brian Sheppard
              Senior AD:  Lena Lee
              Senior CW:  Naeem Ghafari
              VP, Account Director:  Andreas Doerig
              Print Producer:  Bill Ing

              Production:  Westside Studio
              Photographer:  Frank Hoedl
              Producer:  John Stevancec
              CGI: Brad Pickard
              Assistants:  Bryan Ulrich, John Wayne Brown, Abe Roberto, Logan Allmendinger


              Many thanks to the teams at Square One, Toyota Canada, and Saatchi to make this happen!  Fantastic jobs all around!

              All Images © Frank Hoedl
              All BTS Images © Logan Allmendinger & Abe Roberto


                Tyler Cheers On Camp Ooch

                by Alex Beetham on March 8, 2016

                When you learn about an organization that helps kids with cancer heal, grow, and recover from treatment, it’s tough to not want to help. When you’re a father of two yourself, it hits even closer to home. Help out is exactly what Tyler did when approached by Camp Ooch to shoot & direct material to promote their Sporting Life 10K run. Camp Ooch was founded in 1983 to exclusively serve children with cancer. It’s privately funded, staffed entirely by volunteers, and completely free. They rely on public donations to operate their facilities, and having sponsors like Sporting Life enable them to continue touching children’s lives.

                The fine folk at MacLaren McCann staged the tunnel to Billy Bishop as a 0.3km mini marathon, with screens of cheering supporters encouraging you over the finish line.

                Heading down to the starting line, getting ready with your fellow runners:
                Elevator wraps_Feb16

                Elevator Wraps2_Feb16

                Elevator wraps3_Feb16Ooch

                And you’re off!
                Start Line_Feb16Feature Q_Feb16JPGFeature Q3_Feb16

                Feature K_Feb16

                FEature L_Feb16

                Congrats!  Crushed that 0.3K.

                Director/Photographer:  Tyler Grey
                DOP:  John Ker
                Stills/Motion Producer:  Kirsten White
                Agency:  MacLaren McCann
                VP, MGR Broadcast Production:  Sarah Michener
                Sound Design:  Alex Beetham
                Assistants:  Abe Roberto, Rebecca Leach, Christa Michelle
                MUH:  Angela McQueen ( assist Cindy M Yu)
                Stylist:  Casey Jane Tuninga

                A big thanks to William F White for helping us out with rentals on this project.  It was greatly appreciated!!

                A little look at how it came together:

                2016-01-20 10.58.52-2 IMG_3967IMG_3940 IMG_3961 2016-01-20 17.03.34 2016-01-20 18.23.26

                All Images © Tyler Gray
                All Billy Bishop Tunnel Images © MacLaren McCann
                All BTS Images © Kirsten White & Alex Beetham


                  George Cruises the Rockies for Subaru

                  by Alex Beetham on February 25, 2016

                  That new Subaru smell mixed with the crisp clean air of the Rocky Mountains.   Not a hard pair to handle, don’t ya think?   George has been fortunate enough to experience this combo twice in 2 years, and get paid to do so!  Perks of the job…  Late last year George and producer John Stevancec once again found themselves whipping around a crisp new Subaru, but this time they subbed out the Outback for a 2016 Crosstrek.  By the looks of it, it was a great success!


                  beach_v8westside Credit where credit is due:

                  Client:  Subaru Canada
                  Agency:  Red Urban
                  Creative Director:  Christina Yu
                  Photographer:  George Simhoni
                  Producer:  John Stevancec
                  Assistants:  Bryan Ulrich (Digital Tech), Kyle Gibson, Nate Konyi

                  Producer John is always snapping away with his phone, and kindly passed on a few shots of the shoot!








                  IMG_4417According to John, the best Ramen in BC is from Jinya… Tastes better than it looks ;)


                  All Images © George Simhoni
                  All BTS Images © John Stevancec


                    Tyler’s Slipping and Sliding Over the Finish Line

                    by Alex Beetham on February 9, 2016

                    For those of you who have run a half marathon, you understand it’s a great feat of effort.  What better way to make it even more challenging, then to do it in the snow!  That’s exactly what the Peterborough Half Marathon (in support of the YMCA Strong Kids campaign) is all about!  The snow and ice can have you finding yourself head over heels before you know it.  That’s exactly what Tyler’s depicted to promote the run. You may spot some familiar faces… Take a look:


                    Its never a simple task getting the layouts that are largely based on what we have zero control over….mother nature.  It was no different in this instance considering the mild winter we’ve had and.  With a little luck, lots of patience (waiting for weather) and countless hours of retouching we were able to produce this super fun campaign for the Peterborough Half Marathon in support of the YMCA Strong Kids.



                    The initial phone call with Klint involved 1 main ad that would run in local media, he also had this idea of taking things outside the realm of where our client might feel a bit uncomfortable.  He send me a bunch of super rough sketches that only a copywriter could hash together and the whole thing began to take on a life of its own.  We had some time to work with it and ended up with 7 solid pieces to use.



                    Special thanks to the smokin’ hot runners who modelled for me in the -15 weather.  Caitlin, Kirsten, Shanghoon, Dave and particularly Tom for putting his balls on the line (or should I say frozen hydro pole) for us.     – Tyler

                    YMCA_2016Run_FULLSET_rev1-6Client:  YMCA Half Marathon
                    Agency:  BrandHealth
                    Photographer:  Tyler Gray
                      Rick Kemp
                    ACD:  Klint Davies
                    AD:  Dave Snider

                    YMCA_2016Run_FULLSET_rev1-7A quick peak of how the magic is made… so very graceful.
                    IMG_3905All Images © Tyler Gray